Nikola Tesla 's Influence On Childhood Development Essay

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It has been proven that things that happen in your childhood, especially traumatic events, can follow you through adulthood. When you are a child your mind is still developing, so everything could potentially affect the way you function in the future. This is especially true in the case of Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor in the late 1800’s and in his later years was considered to be crazy by most people. This was before a lot of mental diseases had been discovered, much less attributed to childhood development. However, the psyche of Nikola Tesla was affected by the trauma and happenings in his child hood, particularly his brother’s death. Death of a sibling can be extremely traumatic, no matter what the age, but when they are there to witness it there is a whole other level. Nikola Tesla was a young age of five when he claims to have witnessed his brother’s death. The death of Dane, his older brother, was an accident involving the family horse. In My Inventions Tesla wrote, “This horse was responsible for my brother’s injuries from which he died. I witnest this tragic scene…” (1). The animal was spooked and killed the boy when he fell. Tesla witnessed this action and some say that he may have been a part of this horrible tragedy. Whether or not he had caused the death of his brother, he did have a hard time dealing with this loss. In the Life and Times of Nikola Tesla, Seifer gives us some information on how he coped with the accident, “ The…

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