Nigeri The Country Of The West Africa Essay

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Nigeria is a nation situated in the West Africa. It shares borders with neighboring countries; in the North is Niger, Benin Republic on the West and in the East Cameroon and Chad. It has a coastal border lying on the gulf of Guinea. To its north-east axis lies Lake Chad. The country has a surface area of close to 923,772 km2. Being the most populated country in the continent of Africa, it hosts a population of approximately one hundred and forty people. The population is made up of close to two hundred and fifty ethnic groups. The Nigerian population accounts for twenty-five percent of the West-African population. The population across the country has a common feature of gender role differentiation. There is a distinct classification of the gender and sex in citizenry (Omadhohwoefe 1). The U.S.A is a combination of many states making up a federal republic. It is comprised of fifty states; forty-eight adjacent states and Washington D.C which is a federal district. It has a surface area of 9850000km2. It has a population count of three hundred and eighteen million people. To the northwest is the State of Alaska. The states are situated in North America that is between Mexico at the south and Canada at the north. Gender roles are defined as behavioral customs set and social norms that are taken to be appropriate in a society for people of a given sex.
The gender roles vary over different historical and culture settings. The behavior and the style of leadership…

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