New Law Targets Pregnant Women Essay examples

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New Law Targets Pregnant Women
A healthy mother doesn’t necessary give birth to a healthy child, however, it is still better than a sick mother gives birth to a child with sickness. According to the U.S News, “More than 14 percent of American women take powerful narcotic pain medications during pregnancy (7).” Nevertheless, mothers might do not recognize the effects of what their baby is going through in the womb or afterbirth. Tennessee’s new law states the abuse of drugs during pregnancy is a criminal act. A woman in Tennessee was the first person to get charged for the use of drugs while she was pregnant, and this causes controversial between people. People who disagree with the law, probably has only thought from the mother’s point of view. Sure, it is the mother’s choice to do what she wants, but what about the baby? The baby is innocent. They survive through what their mother eats or drinks. They don’t really have a choice to decide what they want to eat. Then why do people have to put these innocent babies into what the mother is going through when they don’t know anything? Why do babies have to suffer because of drugs?
The Effects on the Child and Mother According to the Maternal Lifestyle Study, lack of prenatal care, expose to violence, psychiatric problems, lack of nutrition, and poverty are the road for women toward the use of drug during pregnancy (4).
Drug addiction has affected 1.3 to 1.7 million people in EU and Norway, and 34% of the population…

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