Netflix 's Performance Management Strategies Have Been Used By Netflix

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Netflix is a company that entered into the movie and television industry broke the existing rules and won. The company often provides services through DVD by mail and through online streaming programs. The use of video content on the internet has led Netflix to become one of the most successful companies. Previously, Netflix business model was fundamentally based on store business model. This is a business model where the company would provide most of its products in stores which were dispersed in many localities. With the changing needs of customers to rent videos the market model changed into rental of video via mail and also video on demand model. This paper explores the performance management strategies have been used by Netflix.

Walgreens Case Study
There is no doubt that anyone would consider working for a leading global company very exciting. However, though Netflix is a top performing internet television network serving more than 85 million subscribers, its terms of working are pretty frightening. The fact is that few individuals would consider themselves to be mediocre or below average. In fact, every person is talented to their capacity and has specific areas of competency. Therefore, one may think that he is an exemplary performer only to be told that their work is below average. Netflix has set the bar extremely high with their zero tolerance for average and poor performers. Working for the company could, therefore, result in the fear of being ranked as a poor…

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