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Course Location : Gaborone, Botswana Department : Faculty of Information and Communication Technology Program Name : Associate Degree in Business Information Systems Associate Degree in Software Engineering B Sc (Hons) in Information Technology B Sc (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia Semester : 2 Commence Date : Week 2 Deadline Date : Week 5 Principal Lecturer : Mr. Mugumba, H. Contact : 3180135 ext 210


In a group of 4-5 students, your team has been given a project to design a database system for Air Botswana to manage luggages for their customers. This systems wil be
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Fill the table with minimum of 5 records each. Hint: Do it properly, consider relationships between relations (for a successful insertion of a record make sure that record has a corresponding record on the one side of the relationship). (Print out and screen shots of the queries to insert records into tables) [ 5 marks] 6. Query statements; Create one query statement for each operation with the following; (a) Modify a passengers name [2 marks ] (b) Delete a flight record [2 marks ] (c) Retrive records using any of the comparison operators [2 marks ] (d) Retrive records using any of the logical operators [2 marks ] (e) Find how many customers travelled on a specified flight on a specific date [2 marks ] (f) Find all the customers who’s name contains the letter W [2 marks] (g) Retrieve data pertaining to luggaes and destinations [3 marks ] (h) List all the female passengers that travelled on a specific flight for a specific date of your choice [4 marks ] (i) Calculate the current age of one

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