Navy Diversity Efforts: Are We on the Right Course? Essay

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Navy diversity efforts: Are we on the right course?

Paul H. Madore Jr.
Excelsior College
M3A1: Diversity in the Military

ABSTRACT The injection of our service members into diverse cultures around the world has been and continues to be one of the important missions the Navy accomplishes as part of international relations on behalf of the Nation. The advent of near instantaneous communication of good and bad performance results via cellphone, video camera, Internet and news outlets have proven that there is little room for mistakes in this theatre of operations. People around the world form opinions about our Nation and our Force from these media sources; opinions that may be hard to overcome when the feet of our Sailors hit
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He rose to be one of the greatest Sailors in our Nation’s early history and to this day is referred to by some as the “Father of the Navy”. Robert Smalls 2 was born a slave in Beaufort, South Carolina in April 1839. He was educated and became the pilot of the steamer PLANTER at Charleston, S.C. In May of 1862, shortly after the Confederate’s had taken control of the PLANTER, Smalls led his fellow slaves in a daring night escape by taking the ship out of Charleston harbor, with their families, other slaves and valuable military cargo, and delivered her to Union forces who were blockading the port. Welcomed by the Union force as a hero, the 23 year old Smalls continued as pilot of PLANTER and became her captain. He went on to serve in the South Carolina Legislature, became a Major General in the Militia there and was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1870’s and 1880’s. Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper 3 was born in New York, New York and became a pioneer as a mathematician and a woman in the Navy serving for over 40 years starting during World War Two and throughout the Cold War and well into the 1980’s. Her work with computer language and the development of COBOL was so noteworthy the Nation honored

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