Native American South Religion And Religion Essay

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In the early American South religion was decided by the region you resided in, race, family status, and upbringing. Rich or poor, black or white, inner city or country, all played a role in the segregation of churches. Religion was extremely conservative and shaped the lives of the South. Regional religion allowed for Native Americans, Africans, and Americans to practice their individual beliefs. Slavery in the South was rooted in religion; the different denominations read from the same book and interpreted it in such a way to fit their lifestyles. Slaves from Africa brought along their religion and as more slaves were born in America they inherited the beliefs of their ancestors. Native Americans held true to their spiritual healing practices for the sick. Eventually a mix of all the beliefs would blend into the entirety of American South religion. “As the South went through the slow and sometimes agonizing process of modernizing, religion provided justification for the wealthy to profit from economic development, but it also gave meaning to those bearing the burdens of economic change without proper recompense. Throughout such changes, religious organizations remained central institutions of southern life” (Wilson, C.). Religion was and still is the justification of life. By adopting a belief, someone can add a greater meaning to their life. Anglicanism was the first denomination in the South. Anglicanism proved very weak, it lacked a bishop and carried on the plantation…

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