Narrative Essay - I Am Ecstatic

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I am ecstatic. After weeks of my relentless begging, my father, Niccolo, and my uncle, Maffeo, have made the decision of bringing me with them on their voyage to meet again with the Great Khan at his summer palace at the far end of the continent of Asia. I am only 17, but I know I am ready. I am told that the journey will take around 3 to 4 years, which sounds like a long time, but I know that, since my father and uncle have already made this voyage, their experiences will help us to learn how to complete the journey safely. My father has asked the new Pope, Pope Gregory X, to send priests with us on our journey, because Kublai Khan has requested them, and Gregory X has appointed two missionaries to accompany us on our journeys. I have heard that we will set sail South from Venice through the Mediterranean. I cannot wait to become an explorer like my father and uncle, and I will write again in here soon.
My father tells me that we are about half of the way through our journey to Beijing. He and my uncle are both very tired from traveling so much, but I can’t say the same for myself. I absolutely love traveling. All of that time living in Venice, I had no idea about the many great wonders of Asia and the rest of the world. I must describe the places I have seen so far, for they are like nothing that has ever been heard of in Italy:
One of the first places we visited was a city in Lesser Armenia by the name of Sebastoz. Castles and fortified palaces lined the skyline…

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