Nanotechnology Applications Essay

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Nanotechnology Applications
Daniel Shelton
Contemporary Applications of the Sciences | SCI215 A03
Argosy University

“Nanotechnology is an idea that most people simply didn’t believe” (Merkle). They’re many applications in the field of nanotechnology. Taking a further look into this particular branch of material science we can see that on the atomic scale this matter can be manipulated. This branch deals with engineering in general but the three I chose to discuss are the fields of: medicine, agriculture, and space exploration. In these three fields we will expand them and discuss on how these current and future applications are applied and examples of them in detail. These fields are used every day through the process of
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The research currently that’s being developed in the pipeline has potentially made agriculture more effective therefore; helping to increase the quality of the product and its yields. Countries that are developing are testing or using these nonagricultural chemicals and nanosensers that helps detect chemical contaminants, bacteria, and that of viruses. It delivers drugs precisely and at the right time micronutrients to the body at the right parts. The applications of this nanotechnology have shown through research that the effects are reduced of that of aflatoxin which is a toxin that’s fungal that can be seen in the weight increase of animals used for food. In the future, the catalysts of nanotechnology make it available with the efficiency that increase in pesticides and herbicides show that doses that are lower can be allowed to be used. An actual example is that of CEA which is used throughout USA, Europe and that of Japan which stands for Controlled Environment Agriculture. It’s advanced and its form of intensive hydroponically agriculture based are where growing plants are within that of an environment that’s controlled so that

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