Essay about Namaste Solar Case Study

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Namaste Solar Case Study 1. What is the mission of Namaste Solar? How does the mission reflect the company’s values? Explain.
The mission statement of Namaste Solar is “to propagate the responsible use of solar energy, pioneer, conscientious business practices and create holistic wealth for our community which benefits all stakeholders equally- customers, employees, investors, and the environment.” The mission statement reflects the company’s values because they direct explain how the values or linked the mission statement. The company has five core values. The first value is “care for the earth.” Namaste Solar Company’s core activity was designing and installing solar energy systems.” Namaste Solar even went so far and got there
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The reason being is because they want to hire people who want to be there for long-term, because Namaste Solar business model depends upon long-term thinking.

4. What are the key features of Namaste Solar’s organizational culture? Does the company’s culture support good strategy execution? Explain.
The key feature of Namaste Solar’s organizational culture is that they have created and implement a culture that is committed to sharing the risks and rewards of Namaste Solar. In that same culture they have made sure that they have a decentralized decision-making process. This culture setting allows employees to work in an environment that is fun, upbeat which allows them to enjoy their working there and what they do. I do think that company’s culture support good strategy execution because if the employees are happy and being very productive in what their work then this means that the company will be very profitable. 5. What are the three strategic options concerning the company’s future? What impact will a choice among the three options have on the company’s values and culture and employees and other stakeholders?
The three strategic options that concerns the company’s future are the following 1. “Sell the whole kit and caboodle.” 2. “Selling a portion of the company, with employees retaining partial ownership.” 3. “Recommit to

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