Essay on My View Of My Personal Ethic

1121 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
What is ethic? Ethic is a standard of behavior, developed as a result of one 's concept of right and wrong. It is a basic concepts and fundamental principles which is an essential to us as human and what we value. To be able to make a moral choice and lived in a society where you are judged either by ethicality or moral that others portray you as an individual of one action you make. So what is my view of my personal ethic? I agree that having self-awareness in oneself and your surroundings make a huge impact in our lives. It makes us make a judgement call and good decision making when you put a deep understanding of oneself. In today 's society where people are diversified. It makes a lot easier to understand and accept the potential fact of various forms, type and ideas that are totally opposite what we are used to. Compare to the previous generation, this generation where we live in today we are more open to the world.
For me growing up in a cultural world where you have different sets of cultural believe and tradition. It really helps me to emphasize the difference of people. A set of guideline that my cultural influence has been affecting by is that I should connect to the world as how I should be treated and connect to those who are outside of my nature with decisive action. As a child, I was always taught that people expect and think that the goal of life is perfection, but it is not you should desire for being good at something and to embrace the various little…

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