My Time At Optimist International Essay example

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During my time at Optimist International, I would say the management was overall pretty effective. The management style that I witnessed the most and saw in other departments of the organization was delegation of tasks. I was lucky enough to sit in on a staff meeting roughly half way through my internship. It was led by the executive director of the company, but it was less of a demand on things that needed to be done, and more of a conversation between each employee and the status of their assigned tasks. The CEO usually had his things he did in his office, but would occasionally come and visit each department and chat about what the weekly tasks were and how everything was going. One of the best things at Optimist International is the high level of autonomy that management has with the employees. During my time there as an intern, I would meet with my supervisor and create list of action items that needed to be done during a day or week, and then I was turned lose to accomplish those goals at my personal discretion. Another thing that has contributed to the success of management at Optimist International was the inclusion of a team based leadership; each department had a head supervisor that over saw a number of employees. Within the departments, it seemed like there were plenty of people to lean on for support and more chances to communicate ideas and not be immediately shutdown. At Optimist Internationals every department’s success is interdependent on every other…

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