My Surprise, Keeping The Time Log Essay

822 Words Mar 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Much to my surprise, keeping the time log was quite difficult. I tried to fill as many slots that I could in the morning (when I knew I had something for sure planned), but that was not many. It was just too difficult to drop what I was doing and record it (even though it only took at second). What it almost always boiled down to was me racking my brain at the end of the day to figure out what I had down and when I had done it. It was difficult for me to see any distinct patterns because every day is unique, but after looking closely at what I was doing at different times, I began to see patterns in my day to day behavior. The most intriguing thing that jumped out at me was at what time of day I was most productive; I tended to work the most in late morning, and mid to late evenings. I do this because in the morning I like to refresh myself on the material that will be gone over in class later (which also has the added benefit of putting me “school mode”), and in the evening I wait a few hours after my classes end to start my homework, and studying so that I can have a break in between the two and enter into my work with a fresh mind. By far my least productive time of the day is when I arrive home from school. I am normally too brain-dead to be productive at anything even if I attempted to work. Another thing I become aware of was the amount of free time I have. My free time comes and goes in spurts, meaning that one day I will be swamped from sunrise to sundown, but then…

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