My Stand Essay

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Zamboanga, the pride of Mindanao as they call it has been my home for the 15 years of my existence. The society was and is never perfect. It has its own fair share of struggles as any other society experiences. The biggest struggle in the city of Zamboanga is maintaining peace and order which long process has been constantly bruised and battered. Peace and order which is for the benefit of all the people living in the city is needed for the people to fully live their lives. It is needed so that the city can focus on developing the society and bringing out the best from whatever resources it is endowed with. What has been going on for years is the asserting selfish deeds of individuals who insist on having things go their way. Hence, the …show more content…
Poor people can’t afford to get themselves into ADZU but rich people can. It’s sad how a common good needs to be paid for in big amounts. For me, I think that’s selfish because education is a service and money is often times wasted or spent on the wants of individuals and not for the whole of the community or society of students which it is of and for. The common good is rooted in equality and unity of all people. Drawing a line between poor and rich for good quality education does not seem at all fair for me. Everyone should have an access to better education no matter what social class they belong to. Poverty or below middle-class as social condition, however does not allow most people what everyone deserves to fulfil.

These two struggles need a collective effort to be solved. There is a great need for cooperation of all because if not all people work towards the goal, the good end can never be achieved.

I think a way to address the peace and order situation in the city as a teenager and a student is to actively participate and be involved in programs and missions directed to rectify the situation in the littlest way possible. Last year, my class joined the Peace Tech conference in WMSU which educated us on what we should avoid doing and what we should prevent others from doing because it’s important that we get educated on wrongs that we should not follow and right that we

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