My Sister And My Nephew Essay

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I remember when I was at the mall with my sister and my nephew, who was 2 years of age at the time. We were walking around, window shopping then all of a sudden my nephew started booking it down the mall…as if he was trying to run away from us. I’m sure this sounds similar to those parents who have experienced this type of situation. Running down the mall chasing after a young one is more difficult than it seems, especially trying to dodge the adults who are in the way. When we finally got a hold of my nephew (after running which felt like 5 kilometers), I remember my sister saying “got to love the terrible two’s”. Many parents complain about their children around the age of 2, mostly due to their mood changes, temper tantrums, stubbornness, and ultimately the word “no”. However, if parent’s can look past the “terrible two’s” and understand that this is a normal stage children’s development, it would all make sense. Children are experiencing changes at a rapid rate and they are transitioning from infancy to early childhood; they are experiencing major motor, intellectual, social and emotional changes (Hoecker, 2014). Toddlers are becoming more independent, learning how to express their feelings and becoming aware of themselves. This article will answer your questions about the specific changes that occur around this age and we will discuss the negative and positive aspects of development to help you understand your child and look past their “terrible” behavior.
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