My Personal Philosophy Statement Essay examples

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Educational Philosophy Statement We all must have our own ideas or thoughts that intertwine with our teaching styles and ways. As an educator we must provide uniqueness just as our students are all unique. My kids will become the essence of my life, they reflect me and my teachings. Students are sponges that take in information and I am that information. Children are very impressionable. I am a just person; I find balance in life and what I do. This will translate into my work and my students as they grow to understand life. Teaching will help me grow as an individual and my teaching with give my students individualism. My educational philosophy will in some context reflects life, ability and performance. There’s always the question of why become a teacher. I ask myself a greater question of why not? Why not teach what you have learned, what you have experienced through what’s been exposed to you is a question that should be asked. I found motivation to teach from self-awareness and education, my motivation comes from those two products and how they co-exist. Self-awareness is important in education because we need to know our strong suits and our weak ones. I want to know that I am impacting a child’s life and I know I will achieve this by becoming an educator. As a student learns you get a sense of accomplishment and this means I did my job, and that also means that my student did their job by learning, it’s a win, win situation. What motivates me is the…

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