Essay on My Personal Perspective On My Family

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Throughout my life I have had countless experiences which shape my view of myself and how others view me. The majority of those experiences I learned from home, where my environment was most constant and my parents were the authority figures. Like any family, my family faced conflict. Whether it was between both of my parents, me and my brothers, or the children in opposition of the parents, there would be some type of disagreement. This disagreement was communicated to me verbally and nonverbally in a variety of ways- not all being positive. But these experiences have influenced how I now communicate within my social environment comfortably and how I recognize myself when communicating. My familial experiences have had a pivotal effect on my personal theories. Being a child in a household means that the child has relatively no control or authority. This was true for my family. My parents dictated everything that my brothers and I did. Their word was law, and my word was taken into consideration, but most of the time rejected. My parent’s would act as if they were interested in what I had to say though, but not say much. Because of this, I developed a nonverbal habit. It is my personal theory of putting on an interested face and making gestures whenever someone speaks to me so I can communicate that I am attentive to whatever the person has to say. I use the yes-no signal nods to convey agreement or understanding. I smile and raise eyebrows or portray whatever emotion is…

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