My New Vehicle Of Transportation Essay

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Ever since the creation of the wheel was created by man, our only desire was to improve the technology of transportation. From, the stone wheel, to the trolley, and even the very first automobile; we keep improving. When I was little, I received my very first big wheeler. It is essentially a little tricycle meant for little kids. It had a red base with bright yellow handlebars. My parents could not stop me from riding it up and down my street. As the years went on, I was not intrigued by plastic vehicles. I was interested in cars. I was a late bloomer when it came to getting my driver’s license. I was seventeen when I earned my license and bought my very first car. My new vehicle of transportation is a blue Acura RSX and I would not trade it for the world. These two means of transportation differ greatly in speed, efficiency, and one is simply an automobile while the other is a plastic toy.
To further differentiate, the big wheel was fast for a six year old. I remember when I got it Christmas morning, I pedaled my way up and down the street for hours after I cut the ribbon off. At my age, the optimal speed for my big wheel was roughly around 8 miles per hour. I remember instances where I pretended I was speed racer, except, my vehicle was a tricycle rather than a car. I zoomed past my neighbors, or at least I thought I was. Regardless, I believed I was going as fast as light. In reality, I was not moving as fast as I thought.
On the other hand, my current car is the…

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