Essay about My Life Time Is Amazing

2522 Words Jun 25th, 2016 null Page
From what I have read and what I have seen in my life time is amazing, but the one thing that stands out is that the restaurant industry has grown stale. It has the same thing and does the same thing not one person has step outside of the box. I’m here to do just that. I’m here to blow the lid off the restaurant industry and keep it moving and a direction that it has been afraid to go. Like Robert Frost once said I’m going to take the road less traveled. The questions I ask are you willing to take that road with me. Are you willing to think outside the box and give a change a chance? If you arte let’s begin and lets not hold back any longer.
My vision statement is one of a restaurant that looks small, but thinks big. I want to use Khios stations at all tables. What I mean by this is I want to take the server out of the equation and put the guest in the driver seat. When it comes to ordering and paying the only time I want you to see your server is when you get your drinks and when you get your food. Now I know that will mean I won’t hire a lot of servers, but I will have enough to run a lean operations. I think this idea gives us more money on profit to invest it back in the restaurant. I know some people might want to know how you will tip are servers. Well are the restaurant I’m purposing we pay are servers 12.00 an hour. The next thing I have in my mind is a bar that is one that you have to step up to. What I mean by that is that the bar is above the whole restaurant.…

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