My Galley Essay

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My Galley by Thomas Wyatt the Elder

"A rain of tears, a cloud of dark disdain ", Sir Thomas Wyatt words in “My Galley”. Wyatt was a 16th-century English lyrical poet attributed to introducing the sonnet into English. Thomas Wyatt was born to Henry and Anne Wyatt at Allington Castle, near Maidstone, Kent, in 1503. Little is known of his childhood education. He was remarkably gifted man. His first court appearance was in 1516 as Sewer Extraordinary to Henry VIII. In 1516 he also entered St. John's College, University of Cambridge. Around 1520, when he was only seventeen years old, he married Lord Cobham's daughter Elizabeth Brooke. She bore him a son, Thomas Wyatt, the Younger, in 1521. He became popular at court, and carried out
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The Wyatt's point of view, God is deliberately hurting him and has become his enemy, as well as being his Lord. "And every oar a thought in readiness, As though that death were light in such a case". A sailing ship which can no longer rely on the wind will sometimes use oars as an emergency solution. Wyatt is trying to think himself out of his despair by using the oars of his thought, but he is in such despair that when he thinks he only thinks of suicide as an escape from his misery. Moreover, he thinks that death were light as if death was not a problem. "An endless wind doth tear the sail apace of forced sighs and trusty fearfulness, a rain of tears, and a cloud of dark disdain, hath done the wearied cords great hindrance, Wreathed with error and eke with ignorance". It gives the sense of sadness like he resembles his tears with a rain; I think it is clever metaphor. Wyatt thinks of his own moaning and tears I think because he is so unhappy. As the winds that are driving his ship toward the rocks of suicide. His tears are the rain beating on the ship, and his despair and lethargy are loosening the rigging which holds the sails in place. Heavy rain could loosen rigging on a sailing ship; then the sails would become loose, and a bad problem would become much worse. "The stars be hid that led me to this pain, Drowned is reason that should me conzort, and I remain despairing of the port", Wyatt says he cannot see the

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