My Elder Sister Who Is My Personal Leader Essay

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23 January 2013

Assignment of Leadership, Power and Influence
Assignment No : 01 (One)
Topic : A personal leader

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Ms. Fahmida Chowdhury
Associate Professor, BIBM
Mirpur, Dhaka
Course Instructor : Leadership, Power and Influence
Department of Business Administration

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Mahfuza Akter Mili [+8801556341735]
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My Elder Sister who is My Personal Leader

When I started this class on Leadership I used my own Elder Sister as an example of a leader because when I think of some of the positive characteristics of organizational leaders my elder sister keeps coming to my mind.
She is brave and courageous facing challenges most would have
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When we were sad as little kids we could run to my elder sister and it would be all better. As we are growing up and in our teen years we still need someone to talk to sometimes and we need to listen. She always listens and gives us good advice. My elder sister knows us better than anyone. She knows how to make us cry, how to make us happy. She knows all of our strengths and weaknesses. My elder sister is courageous and knows how to take control. She can make things fun but at the same time gets the job done. She knows what has to be done and gets it done on time. My elder sister is like the leader of my family because when things need to get done she takes control and gets them done.
People need to learn to make the right decisions. That is one of the most important qualities a leader can have. As her sister, I would like to tell everyone that my elder sister taught us how to make the right decisions. My elder sister appears to always make the right decisions. As a teenager, it might not appear like she is right, but when looking back on the situation I realize that the right decision was made. She is open to ideas of other people she will always listen to our ideas and considers them when making decisions.
A leader is someone who shows admirable qualities that people would want to follow. A leader can also be a person that is the head of some organization. My personal leaders are my elder sister. Some people might question that, but my elder sister

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