My Educational Observation I At The United States Of New Jersey

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For this educational observation I went back to Orange Township in the county of Essex New Jersey. In order to complete this observation I was able to visit the very first elementary school that I attending when I arrived to the United States of America. From attending this observation I was able to view the masjority of changes that has been implemented in the last few years. One of those main changes is the movement to the SIOP model and the usage of the common core standards in the district. In contrast to the classroom, a lot has changed about this school over the last few years. Traditionally school was known as Main Street Elementary School, built in year 2004. It later became Rose Park Elementary school five years ago and finally Rose Parks Community School (RPCS). I recently learned that they combine the two original schools into one larger school. Which is very covient since the original plan was for Main street to be an extension for another elementary school next door, due to the growing size of immigrants into the community. It only seems relevant that they would combine the two-orginal schools into one. This school serves a very large immigrant culture, many of these students come from low income families with at least one or both immigrant parent, who themselves are not strong English speakers. Since a large number of students come from two specific cultures in terms of English profiencey, there has been the creation of a large number bilingual, ESL and ELA…

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