My Daddy 's Special Forces Ring Essay

1457 Words Oct 6th, 2015 null Page
My Daddy’s Special Forces Ring “Come on girls, it’s time to go to Green Ramp.” That was the one sentence I used to hate hearing growing up because I knew what was about to happen. My Dad would be leaving for months on end for a war that I felt was never ending. I would get up and grab my mother 's’ hand and fiddle with the ring she wore on her right hand as she walked us into Green Ramp. I still remember how ice cold it would feel on my small fingers. I never used to understand the meaning of it back then, but I do now. I would think What a weird ring mom has on. What does it even mean? I’m seventeen now, so I now know that it is the Special Forces symbol. A symbol of respect, gratitude, fight, war, heroes and my life. The planes were never on time to pick my Dad and all the other soldiers up, ever. They would tell us to be there at three in the morning and then end up not being there until six or eight that night. But we would always be there on time because we knew we had to. The car ride onto Bragg was always slow and quiet with the sound of soft cries that I could never figure whether they were coming from my Mom, my sister or myself. My sister and I would always fight for the seat behind Daddy just so we could be closer to him for just a little bit longer before the military would take him from us once again. As a child I stopped counting the tours that he would go on. There was no use in counting anymore because I knew it wouldn’t be his last. When we got there…

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