My Background On The Middle Class Spectrum Essay

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Growing up, I would describe my background being placed in the middle class spectrum. I was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. My parents were migrants from Haiti coming from families that were not impoverished but also not well off. My father came here young in the 80s, being able to adjust and learn how to survive and live in this country. Everything that he has and own was built from the ground up. He was not fortunate to have anything passed on as an inheritance. Life as a child was good for me. My father always tried to find ways to make a living. He owned a bus working for one of the city’s transportation services. He then went on to open up his own bakery. All these business were sold by the time I was born. Going as far as I can remember during my childhood, my father was the breadwinner earning the money to support the household. My father worked two jobs and made a decent amount of money. My mother, for best interests decided to be a stay at home parent for the most of our childhood. We lived in several apartments through the years. All of which were very decent apartments and all were five minutes or less away from the beach. I would say our neighborhood safe for the most part. It was never a huge issue when it came to my sibling and I playing outside. We would go fishing, play at the park, go swimming, ride bikes or play with the kids at the complex. Their only concern was parental supervision to avoid dangers being that we lived behind an open water canal…

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