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Music Rock music is the genre of music that I like most because of the creativity involved, its thrilling nature and the mostly, the message passed is captivating and educational. Rock music started in 1960s and has been developed to now and is one of the most popular music. Its root is 1940s and 1950s rock and role while its development was highly influenced by the country music, rhythms and blues, jazz and blues and folks. The sound of rock music is based on electric guitar where its modern form emerged in 1950s, the period when rock and roll was popularized. The electric guitar’s sound was supported by percussion originating from the drum kits and electric bass guitar, whose origin was in jazz music. The instruments used in rock …show more content…
Ia m going to discuss about how a man can rely on himself. It has always been advocated that a man should rely on himself fully for him to prosper.

In this article a genius is the one who believes in his thoughts and believes what is in his private heart is true. A man should speak his latent conviction which might turn out to be an universal sense (Emerson, 43). According to this book all that is inmost becomes the out-most in time where the first thought is rendered back to us by the trumpets of the last judgment. A man is supposed to learn to detect and watch that gleam of light that flashes across his mind from within. He should less with the lustre firmament of bards and sages. a genius man should recognize the rejected minds that he had dismissed without notice which seems to come back with an alienated majesty. Some works of art teaches a man to abide by his spontaneous impression with good humored inflexibility. Tomorrow a stranger will come up with an idea that a man had precisely though about all the time where he will then be forced to take with shame his own opinion from the another.

In mans' education it reaches a time when he arrives at the conviction that envy his ignorance. He can consider imitation to be suicide where he feels that he should take himself for better for worse as his portion. He has a feeling that no matter how wide the universe is, no kernel of

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