Music 's Influence On Emotions Essay

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Music’s Influence on Emotions Every day everyone is exposed to a variety of sounds. One sound that is very common and often enjoyed is the sound of music. Scientifically speaking music is just a very specific pattern of sound waves traveling through the air and are mechanically very similar to other sounds. If this is true, why is it that music can make people feel many different emotions so powerfully? This is hypothesized to be for several reasons, but there is no doubt that music can make people feel strong emotions. It is important for society to realize that music is a very powerful art form and can communicate different emotions in many ways. It is well know that music can make people feel many different feelings, but how does music communicate these feelings? The article titled “Music and Cognitive Processing of Emotions: Individual Differences in Psychopathology” by the authors Marie Bayot et al. explains this process (379). This text specifically acknowledges the emotional effects that music has each individual on a daily basis (Bayot et al. 380). This article continues by explaining historical significance of music and how this may relate to the emotional impact music has on any individual (Bayot et al. 384). This text is found on the online database titled Communication and Mass Media Complete and was published August 1, 2013 (Bayot et al. 397). This text was created in order to gather the data from several studies and explain how the findings of these…

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