Movie Analysis : The Movie ' Theater Ticket ' Essay

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Movie theater tickets have become increasingly more expensive in recent years. As a result, movie genres that offer a broad range of entertainment and stimulation can make the theater going experience more worthy of the ticket price. Some of the more popular movie genres today are mysteries, science fiction, romantic comedies, animation, documentaries and horror films. Although all of these movie genres are enjoyed in a theater, horror movies are more worth the ticket price because the theater offers immense sound and vast visual experiences you cannot recreate at home. What better way to experience the stimulation of a horror film than in a dark theater with sound that is vibrating your seat and a picture that appears bolder than life? Of the many genres of movies I indulge in, mysteries, science fiction, romantic comedies, animation and documentaries, for overall entertainment, horror movies are the best.
The first movie genre, a mystery film is a genre that contains puzzle solving, suspenseful situations and surprises. These movies can be Gothic mysteries, crime dramas or contain continuous plot twists. The perpetrator may be known to the viewer at the very beginning of the movie or may not be revealed until the end of the movie. Some pros of mystery movies are the subject matter of this type of film can stimulate the viewer’s intellect. A good mystery film can be very suspenseful. An example of a good mystery movie is Memento. This film is told in reverse chronological…

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