Motivational Factors For Students With Nonprofit Organizations Better Serve Our Youth And Underprivileged Individuals

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My academic goals include obtaining my bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. The motivational factors for this goal are the intrinsic value of setting a standard for my son to value education not only as a way to pursue a career but also as an ever going process in personal development. I have been out of school for a while which is taking some readjusting. And I feel as if I definitely have some things to do in order to make my skills what they need to be in order to succeed. That being said I am looking forward to my academic pursuit and the journey it shall provide along the way. My career goals are based around arts of various forms and working with nonprofit organizations better serve our youth and underprivileged individuals. I would like provide a positive outlet for youth based on the progression of each individual’s future and personal development. My intrinsic motivational factor is kind of role model I can be for my son. I extrinsic motivational factor is the monetary stability a good career has to provide a better future for my family. I love learning so I believe that will be an asset on my road to my academic success and accomplishments in goal orientation in general. I know that adversity can be difficult to contend with in goals in general. I intend on utilizing new skill in time management and the breakdown of large goals into smaller size steps to make each goal more attainable. I also intend on becoming my proficient in English as I am in…

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