Mother Courage And Her Children : What Will The War Make You Do?

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Mother Courage and Her Children: What Will the War Make You Do?

Inside of all of us there are good and bad qualities. We may be aware of these, or for some these qualities only appear in times of desperation. We all have times of greed, and times of sacrifice. It is our actions that shape who we are, and what others think of us. In a time like war, these qualities can be elevated and exaggerated in different ways. It is how we use these qualities that affect our lives and whether or not we will make it through the hard times of war. In a time where people are fighting, tensions are high and emotions are running like crazy, the play Mother Courage and Her Children gives insight to the perils of war. Mother Courage is a woman who travels with her trusty wagon and her children, selling goods to make it through the war. She takes advantage of the current state of war in her prices for goods and her bargaining skills. However, this greed brings creates many problems for Mother Courage and leads to her ultimate fear in the end—being alone to face the war. Mother Courage is a story in the midst of a war. War brings out the best and worst in people and this is illustrated through Mother Courage’s greed in wanting the war to continue, her sons’ contributions to the war efforts and Kattrin’s sacrificial act at the conclusion of the play. Mother Courage is not only brave, but a bit of a greedy woman, as she celebrates the continuing of the war in order to be able to sell goods…

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