Mosques in America Essay

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Mosques in America reportedly have been around since before it was officially America. All mosques must have a cutout or niche in the wall that faces Mecca, the direction prayer should be directed. Mosques, like most places of worship, also are a place for the parishioners to gather and assemble for community events. Those that follow Islam are called Muslims, and a mosque is a place where Muslims gather to worship.

The goals of a Muslim are to give in to God’s will and lead a life that will allow acceptance into heaven for eternity. The entire meaning of Islam is to surrender to God. As a Muslim searches for meaning in life he should follow the Qur’an and the prophets’ teachings within the faith. The prophets were sent to guide
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Every Muslim believes that there is no God but Allah. The second is to pray daily, five times a day. These prayers are always done facing the Mecca, which is the center of Islam. The third of the five pillars is to assist the poor and needy. What is expected is dependent on their wealth and abilities. The fourth of the pillars is fasting between the hours of sunrise and sunset during the ninth month of Islamic calendar, or Ramadan. Those who are able must do this every year. The last of the five pillars that guide the faith is the pilgrimage to Mecca. Every able bodied Muslim must make this pilgrimage during their life. Following the pillars is the way Muslims are guided throughout their faith. The faith, prayer, giving, fasting, and the pilgrimage offer ways of support for the believer.

Islam instruct that in order to attain true serenity of body and mind they must submit to God and live according to His revealed word through Muhammad. Muslims require a submission and active obedience to God and living in unity with His communication.

It would be unfair to determine the overall view of a Muslim regarding the US. Depending on the upbringing, understanding, or interpretation of history or current culture will greatly alter the perspective. Many Muslims in the Middle East have a negative view of Americans based on their involvement in their holy lands and interference of what they may view as local internal problems that don’t need any

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