Essay about Money Is An Backbone Of The Entire Operation

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America is rooted on its ability to grow businesses and prosper. Basically, money is the blood in the body known as the United States of America. Ironically, it takes money to make money. Meaning that to uphold any business, money has to be used to create the foundation, and once the foundation is set, money is needed to keep the business circulating healthily. The main way to do that is to adamantly supply and cover the workers of the business, because they are truly the backbone of the entire operation. The role that compensation plays is essential in workplace because how workers are paid reflects their level of excellence on the job, and the future of the brand itself, which is in the hands of the employees.
Compensation is the output of activities or funds within a company that creates self-autonomy amongst employees, establishes a competitive philosophy internally and externally, and maintains an equitable practice for paying and rewarding employees. Not only is it the responsibility of the company to pay employees, but thus doing so and the manner to which it is done, retains the talent and performance within the business. There are several practices that can be done to accomplish this task and that can be individualized per company, but the basics for execution have been constructed by the federal and state government.
The United States Department of Labor has the duty of making sure businesses remain in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). FLSA was…

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