Mock Bargaining Essay

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Mock Collective Bargaining Exercise
Michael De Jesus, Dave Zygiel, Jackie Moreland, Sarah Pinheiro, and Anne Rogers
Eastern Nazarene College

Industrial Relations
BAM 58
August 7th, 2013

United Metal Products Workers Union Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Michael De Jesus. I am the President of the United Metal Products Workers Union. On my side is the Vice President of the United Metal Products Workers Union Sarah Pinheiro. We are here today to represent the D. G. Barnhouse Company employees. Our goal today is to renegotiate and certify an agreement between Barnhouse Company and its unionized employees before the deadline of June 30th, 2007. Solidifying an agreement today is critical and will ensure a
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My name is Sara Pinheiro, Vice President of the United Metal Products Workers Union. Together, I believe we can collectively bargain an agreement that brings the best out in the union employees and Barnhouse Company. The expiring agreement is upon us and it is essential that we come together to ensure no stoppage in work, production, revenue, and future business transactions that might be hindered by the negotiations of a new contract. We the union, are in favor of the majority of the current terms. However, there are certainly opportunities to enhance the quality of human life while we continue to strive to make the business grow. The best opportunities to do just that are: 1. Employee Wages 2. Medical Insurance 3. Holiday Pay
The union is requesting that the current scale increases by $5 per hour. So in essence, the lowest paid workers currently make $10.34 per hour would now start off at $15.34 per hour. The addition would go up the scale equally amongst every Labor Grade. This gives Barnhouse the best of both worlds. You will have highly motivated employees which would increase Barnhouses output of goods. Not only that, this would be the perfect opportunity to raise prices of goods as Barnhouse has been longing for. In addition, Barnehouse would be paying their employees livable wages that would in turn reduce turnover.
We are also request Holiday pay remains the same. That is New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day,

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