Mobility And Progress : A Literature Review Essay

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Mobility and progress: A literature review
Rose Guerda Desronvil
Beth Israel School of Nursing

The article, “A mobility Program for an Inpatient Acute Care Medical Unit,” is about what could be done in health care facilities to reduce the length of clients’ hospital stay and protect them from developing any hospital acquired experiences that can be harmful for both them and the institutions. This is because health care insurances refuse to pay for any of these types of incidents. Many issues were brought to people’s attention regarding what could be causing this situation. According to the five steps of the nursing process, it is important to determine the problem and the cause before thinking about solution. To achieve this project, an evidence-based quality improvement project was built to explore the functioning system of a general medical unit in a large Midwestern academic health care system.
Multidisciplinary teams in different areas conducted an assessment of the facility to collect data. One group from a general medical unit discovered that many ambulated clients who came to the hospital for whatever issues spent “an average of 20 out of every 24 hours in bed over the mean 5.1 days they were hospitalized” (Wood, et al., 2014, p. 34). Another group of researchers from a respiratory unit observed some clients with similar conditions on the preoperative evaluation day. They were able to walk, but they presented a decrease in their functional…

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