Mistakes And Weaknesses Of Making Poor Communication Essay

1124 Words Jun 19th, 2016 5 Pages
Everyone makes mistakes, even great leaders, but it is important to recognize these mistakes and learn from them. One of the most important mistakes a leader can make is making poor communication. Employees must understand what their job is and how it should be taken care of. A simple misunderstanding can change the entire outcome of what was to be expected. Other communication issues also revolve around not providing enough information. Any and all information not provided to an employee results in assumptions by the employee, whether or not they are correct. Starting a new job can be frustrating. Going from team member to supervisor can completely spin around your time management skills. It is important to recognize what can get done in any given day, and what requires more time. Spending too much time on one task can lead to a backup of tasks that are still ahead. Leaders must know their strengths and weaknesses on the job to prevent any “job blockage.” After realizing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing when to delegate your tasks can be a crucial component for the day-to-day. Having employees means some of your work load can be pushed onto them. Knowing how much work you have to get through and how much can be split up among each employee is important to learn. Careful not to ask for your employees to do too much for you, or they may suspect that you aren’t doing work at all. After any job that was delegated is finished, it is important to…

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