Mis - Modernization of Ntuc Income Essay

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MIS - Modernization of NTUC Income
No.6 case study

NTUC Income (Income), one of the Singapore’s largest insurers, has over 1.8 million policyholders with total assets of $21.3 billion. The insurer employs about 3,400 insurance advisors and 1,200 office staff, with the majority located across an eight-branch network.
NTUC Income,是新加坡最大的保險公司之一,擁有180多萬投保人,總資產將近213億美元,擁有約3400位保險顧問和1,200個辦事處的工作人員。

On June 1, 2003, Income succeeded in the migration of its legacy insurance system to a digital web-based system. The herculean task required not only the upgrading of hardware and applications, it also required income to streamline its decade-old business processes and IT practice.
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Refilling would again take about two days.

In 2002, despite periodic investments to upgrade the HP3000 mainframe that hosted the core insurance applications as well as the accounting and management information systems, it still frequently broke down.

According to James Kang, CIO at Income, “the system breakdowns were a real nightmare. Work would stop and the staff had to choose either data reconciliation, or backup. However the HP3000 backup system allowed restoration only up to the previous day’s backup data. If the daily backup was not completed at the end of the day, the affected day’s data would be lost, and costly and tedious reconciliation would be needed to bring the data up-to-date.”
NTUC Income的CIO資訊長說:

In one of the hardware crashes, reconciliation took several months to restore the data loss. In all, the HP 3000 system experienced a total of six days of complete downtime.
因為HP 3000系統整整停機了六天。
That was not enough. The COBOL programs that were developed in the early 1980s and maintained by Income’s in-house IT team also broke multiple times, halted

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