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Implementing a CRM System into the Hospitality Industry

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirements for:
Managerial Applications of Information Technology
Professor Flores

Table of Contents Abstract 3 Company Information 4 Business Problem 4 High Level Approach 5 Benefits of Solving Problem 6 Business/Technical Approach 7 Business Process Changes 8 Technology Solution 9 Conclusion 10 High-level Implementation Plan 11 Summary 12 References 13

Diamond Cluster Entertainment is trying to build a solid relationship with their loyal customers. For the past few year customer satisfaction have declined
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These problems are impacting Diamond Cluster Entertainment negatively because in 2012 they reported a 15% decrease in profits. This decline in revenues makes it difficult to grow and expand operations because they are losing market share. One of their biggest competitors have already implemented a CRM system in their sales and marketing department and reported record high profits in 2012.
High Level Approach
Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are great for tracking leads and deals over email, telephone and online (Marrs, 2013). Salesforce is an award winning cloud based system designed for businesses to manage their customer relationships, integrate with other systems, and build their own applications (Kadach, n.d). The Salesforce Platform should be implemented on all computers in all sales departments because it would make it easier for managers to communicate and share files, monitor performance as well as competitor’s performance, and make smarter decisions. This platform is cloud based and offers lots of advantages like ease off access, cost savings, and flexibility. Having access to important data on any device at all times makes it easier for management to steer the sales team in the right direction which would improve the competitiveness of the company. Customer profiles would be maintained in the system which makes it easier to track reservations and guest preferences. With the use of custom applications can be built to

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