Military Weaponry And Its Effect On Global Population Essay

1134 Words Nov 30th, 2014 5 Pages
The advancements of military weaponry has had a dramatic effect on global population. The United States military first introduced drones in the military in 1998 in hope of gaining intelligence on an al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan (Zenko, 2012). The United States first used drones as a form of military weapon in combat after the November 11 attacks on the United States. The first mission a US drone was ordered to terminate a target was in November 2001, which targeted and killed an al Qaeda leader after the attacks to the Twin Towers in New York City (Zenko, 2012). The instillation of drones into today’s warfare have many negative effects on the population. Many account of drone’s usage in the military have not had positive outcomes. Drones are used in a technique the military calls “targeted killing,” which means the military can terminate the target despite of their location and surroundings (Hazleton, 2013). This strategy the military uses completes the mission the military is trying to achieve, but many civilian lives are lost as a result. These targeted killings are observed currently today with examples in Israel and the Middle East. These air strikes the military preforms are negatively effecting the population. Since drones made their debut into warfare, the number of civilians lost are massive. The new American foundation estimates that since 2004 the US military’s drone strikes in the Iraq war are responsible for 307 civilian deaths, more if the Yemen…

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