Military Children And Families : Strengths And Challenges During Peace And War

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Internal Dynamics of Families
Military Children and Families: Strengths and Challenges During Peace and War In the article Military Children and Families: Strengths and Challenges During Peace and War by Park studies the military family resilience and programs to assist these families. “A common saying in the military is that when one person joins, the whole family serves” (Park, 2011, para 2). A military member is only as good as the support he receives at home. Families and service members report better family morale when the military supports them. In turn, the military member reports more satisfaction at work when family life is good and more stress and intrusion at work when family life is strained. Since the start of the Global War on Terror having to do with the attack on 9/11/01, the military has spent a considerable amount of time deployed; in turn this affects the children and family of the military member. Although military children have showed great resilience in all, they still need appropriate programs to help them. These programs need to be professionally evaluated and researched more. Support in previous wars was not thoroughly researched, and what studies have been conducted had small sample sizes. Research should reflect the diversity of military families and the number of military families that now exist. Programs that support strengths need to be expanded, and programs that address problems need to implement. More programs need to be evaluated…

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