Essay on Migrant Workers

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Question Bank -1 Language, Literature & Creativity II –English _____________________________________________________________________
1. In what manner do migrant workers contribute to the life of a city? With examples, mention some of the problems faced by them in the cities. 2. Homelessness and displacement are often the painful consequences of a natural calamity. List six steps (in order of priority) to be undertaken during relief work and crisis management for a specific natural disaster. 3. In what ways can travel be a part of the education of a person? Site examples.

4. It is said that every experience in life whether good or bad, changes us. Do you agree? If change is inevitable, then why do we take so much time to accept it?
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Write a brief note about the growing plastic menace giving suggestions about dealing with plastic waste. 11. Imagine you have just landed in a city not your own. In a short paragraph write about the first few things you notice. Your answer should not exceed 200 words.

12. Write a passage on a chance meeting with a stranger that developed into a memorable conversation. What did the conversation revolve around? Was it entirely a personal affair, or

could it have been part of greater course of political, sociological, and historical events around this place of meeting? 13. Describe the problems of a person when he moves from a small town to a big city. Is such dislocation only a physical dislocation or psychological too? Discuss. 14. Does cinema reflect life? Write review of any film which depicts contemporary social problems. 15. What are the games you played as a child either in school or in your neighborhood? How do you think it has shaped you as a person now?

16. Write a short paragraph explaining the concept of caste to a foreigner whom you meet while travelling. 17. Are technology and innovation really life saviours or is it paradoxical that they have actually created Global Warming? Illustrate your views with some examples. 18. What are the causes of gender discrimination? Are men and women equally responsible for the discriminatory practices?

19. Cite two incidents from

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