Micro Mouse Competition Essays

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Micro Mouse Competition
Team 1: I-Robotics
Motto: Robotic creations for a better world


Team Members:
Cory Balmelli, Nathan Crawford, Dave Engebretson, David Reuter, Frank Thomas

Table of Contents Problem of the overheating servo motors – Cory Balmelli 3 Part 1; Review Course of Action; K.T. Decision Analysis 3 Part 2; Implementation 3 Part 3; Checklist Questions 4 Part 4; “P” 4 Part 5; Ethical Considerations 4 iRobot Sensor Failure - Nathan Crawford 6 Part 1; Course of Action; Decision Analysis 6 Part 2; Implementation 6 Part 3; Checklist Questions 6 Part 4; Patience 7 Part 5; Ethical Considerations 7 Technique 3: Statement Restatement - David W Reuter 8 Part 1; Review
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The carry through phase is where the plans are put into action. The best way to ensure the carry through phase goes to plan is to follow a checklist, such as the following. (Fogler & LeBlanc, 2008) * Make an educated guess as to what your solution will look like once you’re finished. * Once we have reprogrammed the controller we will be able to run our mouse for more than a minute without the servos overheating. * Make sure there is coordination of tasks and personnel. * We will make a deployment chart that designates tasks to the different personnel with time deadlines. * Constantly monitor your Gantt chart to make sure you stay on schedule. * We will require each team member to sign off their designated task every week to ensure everyone is checking in on the Gantt chart. * Evaluate each completed task along the way. * At the end of each week at our weekly meetings we will evaluate any task that has been completed that week. * Continue to learn as much as you can about the solution you have chosen. * At each weekly meeting we will go around to each team member and they can present what they have learned and ask any questions to clarify. * Continue to challenge and validate the assumptions of the chosen solution. * We will continue to compare our solution to its presupposed risks. * Find the limits of your solution by

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