Essay about Mgt2 Task 2 Part C

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MGT2 Task C. A Brief Project Closure Report Discussion
When all the deliverables, customer requirements and\or goals have been met in a project, in other words, at the closing of a project the Project Manager is responsible for compiling and delivering a Final Project Report, known as a Project Closure Report. A good project closure report will summarize the entire project from the beginning project plan and scope information to the lessons learned from the project. It should also include other information such as the changes to the project scope if there were any, the final project budget reconciliation, and “a recap of the performance metrics taken during the project; the budget and schedule reconciliations will provide the final
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Some closure reports may include whether or not customer requirements stated in the project scope have been met or why they haven’t. 4) Scope and Scope Changes - (Project Sponsor)
Document any changes to the project scope and describe the impact of each change on performance, cost, or schedule baselines. Changes in the scope should have been submitted for approval when they occurred, if they were not an explanation is necessary. Changes in the scope are a major reason why some projects don’t meet the completion date or fail. Every aspect of the project has to be adjusted, costs, schedules, documentation, etc. 5) Project Records - (Project Sponsor, Key Internal Stakeholders)
It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to ensure that the project’s documentation is complete and that it is archived so that it may be accessed by anyone who needs to review it. “This is particularly important for audit purposes and where the project was a feasibility or proof of concept and documentation will be essential for follow-on projects”, (Northumbria University, 2012). Archiving the files correctly and in the appropriate location is imperative for technical projects since information about the installation environments in one technical area can seriously affect projects from other technical areas. Documents that should be archived include: “project notebook, project concept document, Project Charter, Project Plan,

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