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Environmental Factors of Global and Domestic Marketing
February 21, 2011

Environmental Factors of Global and Domestic Marketing
Trying to market in a foreign country can be much more difficult than one might think. Oftentimes the response you are hoping for just do not happen, and unexpected negative responses can result instead. With the introduction of the internet it is very important not to compare characterizations of 20 or 30 years ago. People can now easily communicate by just a couple of clicks on a computer keyboard and the world has become accessible for almost all of us. However, even now in our digital age, with the world essentially at everyone’s fingertips, it is still
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Importance of Demographics and Physical Infrastructure
The importance of global trade involves everything from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. Many people do not even realize that the products we use on a daily basis do not even come from our country and more than likely are manufactured in another country. Country demographics and infrastructure is extremely important in trade because this is where the physical needs of a country is determined. There are many things that help to determine the demographic and infrastructure importance of a country, such as growth rate. For example, a young, rapidly growing population will have a strong demand for educational and medical infrastructure, such as schools and medical facilities, whereas a country that is experiencing a slower population growth would have different types of needs. These other countries might need to facilitate trade and markets for other types of economic growth such as roads or bridges.
Understanding Cultural Differences
What is considered normal etiquette can vary considerably from country to country. It is very important to carefully research what is politically correct behavior before engaging in any type of business negotiations as certain behaviors can be considered quite rude to people from other countries. A perfect example of this is the speed of which a conversation takes place. Here in the United States it is perfectly acceptable to get right down to business, whereas in

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