Message to I.T. Leaders Essay

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(( Instant )) Message to I.T. Leaders: The Kids Are Alright.

Has technology impacted your life, Have you become a victim of technicological way of living?
Has everyone else around you caved to the way of technology? Do have concerns of how technology will impact the following generations to come? If so then this information is for you?

Technology has become the one main component in our daily lives, it is the one thing we turn to every day. The way we talk to people, the way we make a sale, the way we run our business's, the way we listen to music, the way we buy and sale stocks, everything we do in our daily lives is ran by technology.
Look at what I am doing right now, I am doing this essay on my lap top which
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How does that settle well with having a child, and knowing that everything in his/her lives will be done by technology?
Where is growing up, being a kid, going out and exploring new things in life, when all society is doing is throwing new technology in our faces each and everyday, where does that seem right or fair? Its not and it should not be subjected to our children, children are meant to be outside playing, having fun, writing, drawing and doing what kids should do, but society is making that very hard to do, as there is technology in all the schools now, all their homework assignments are to be done on the computer, what ever happen to writing out with a pen and paper an essay or your homework. Its absurd and doesnt feel right.

Its becoming more and more the one thing people are subjected or forced to know how to use, because its every where you go now when will it end, when will they just allow it to take a breather or a rest? I guess people

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