Mental Illness : Mental Illnesses Essay

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Mental illness has been a part of human society for as long as we have existed, affecting countless individuals, families, and communities. Yet, even with its prevalence and major advancements in treatments and knowledge, people still treat it with prejudice and stigma. A recent issue that has arisen with the easier accessibility to information has been that the way the media chooses to portray mental illness greatly affects the public’s opinion of people with these illnesses. The problem with this is that the mass media generally depicts mental illnesses in a negative light, using mental disorders as attention grabbing gimmicks and concentrating mainly on the mental illness aspect of violent acts, leading the public to believe that all persons with mental illnesses are dangerous or problematic to society. Both entertainment and news media portray mental illnesses stereotypically,
The effects of negatively portraying mental illnesses often cause people to discriminate against those with the illnesses and the individuals suffering from the disease to be too ashamed to seek help. (Definition of mental illness) Throughout history people struggling with psychological or emotional disorders have been viewed as inferior or less human than the rest of the population, commonly being treated in inhumane ways or even killed. Some of the earliest examples of the mistreatment of people with mental disorders have been found to date all the way back to early human beings in the…

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