Mental Health Facilities Essay

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Deinstitutionalization of mental health facilities has been a major issue in Canada for centuries. Deinstitutionalization is a process of closing down facilities and integrating these patients into society (Lamb, 2010). In the 17th and 18th centuries, very little was known about mental illness. In these times, it was believed that institutionalization had negative impacts on both patients and staff and these symptoms of mental illness were associated with criminality and evil spirits (Morrow, 2010). Mental health is such a prominent issue in Canada and affordable care is scarce. In March of 2009, more than 6000 Ontarians were forced out of institutions and into their communities when the last three large-scale government run institutions were shut down (Paulson, 2012). One major example to illustrate the theme that this essay will discuss is that fact that mentally ill patients are being forced into the streets and in some cases, if they have no job, no home, and no support network they are fighting to survive. This example illustrates the theme of this essay because it tells us that the closing of these institutions leads to many negative issues such as poverty and homelessness. This essay will seek to answer questions surrounding how these deinstitutionalized patients can survive on the care they receive and what policies should be put in place. This essay will mention the strengths, weaknesses and proposed changes of the policy of deinstitutionalization. I…

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