Mena Case Essay

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It generated a capital of about 450 million$, 250 million$ short of their original target. Most of this capital generated was re-invested in their current 4 main business groups. Mensa was: * Financial Services * Energy * Packaging * Forest Products
The company is not yet firmly settled in the market and has mixed reviews in its performance in its different sectors. Some of them look promising while others have dreary predictions. The problems faced by Mensa will be discussed separately.
Financial services:
Mensa, INC. bought Columbus Financial Corporation in the early 2000’s. The corporation was making good profits and had a positive cash flow and these were the reasons why Mensa decided to take over the firm. It soon added a chain of other insurance companies, including American Life Insurance Company and other mortgage and mortgage insurance companies. Soon the company had insurance underwritings in 3 major sectors; life, real estate and casualty. The company’s position in this sector looks pretty good. Although the company is not yet competing among the giants but it has a decent position in the market and occupies quite a decent market share. Now Mensa have a decision to make, whether Mensa are happy with the comfortable position their company is at or do Mensa want to make any further investments and risk getting into the more competitive section of the market. Currently, Mensa is investing more capital per dollars of sale than their

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