Media 's Influence On Society Essay

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My interviewee was my grandfather Nick Loizou, he is an eighty year old male living in Canada, but was brought up in Cyprus and England. I learned that in the era where my interviewee grew up, a lot of advertising was person to person interaction. I found this very intriguing because it is very different from the society we live in today, in present day people are so consumed with phones, it’s very interesting to see how times have changed. I learned that consumerism was more divided and directed at a certain audience, according to my interviewee as a foreigner with little money he felt completely out of place. Advertisements were selective in this time, and since the way people distributed media was biased it lowered consumerism and made the market less attractive to new comers.

I learned that my interviewee had a very hard childhood based on his geographical location. This made it impossible for media to have affect that wasn 't mouth to mouth, which made me realize how different our times are and how much of an affect media had on me today. It made me ask myself if media is even important? What I mean by that is if my interviewee could grow up without it, is it necessary for other people around the world? Also it made me realize how different consumer societies can be depending where you are, if you’re struggling to live how much can you even consume? This was shown in my interview when Nick moved from Cyprus to England, where media became very prominent in his everyday…

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