Media in the Courtroom Essay

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Media in the Courtroom
COM 150
February 27, 2011

Media in the Courtroom
In this day and age the public looks for information though the media to inform them on what is happening in the world today, but with all the different ways that we have to receive information via the newspaper, or TV news, should we also allow cameras onto our courtrooms? There have been several debates on whether or not cameras should be permitted in the courtroom during court proceedings even though the media feels that they have the right to inform the public about how the justice system works, while some feels that it is more for entertainment, and others feel that it is just an invasion of privacy on the part of the victim and the witnesses. In my paper I
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This rule does not otherwise limit or restrict the right of the media to cover and report court proceeding” (2011 California Rules of Court, 2006).
With the media having the right to have access in informing the public through cameras about court proceedings, it gives the public a chance to attend a trial without having to physically be there. Allowing cameras into the courtrooms will also give access, as well as educate the public how court is conducted. What the cameras will do for the public also is show them first hand without any distortion, influence, or bias if there is any unfairness or injustice on the part of the due process of each case, but not only that it lets the public come to their own conclusion on whether or not to rely on the information that is being presented to them. But there is a down side to that because what the media tends to do is pick out what they think may or may not be television worthy and that is what the public gets to see. But what the media do not understand is that the smallest detail in the trial that they decide not to broadcast maybe the most important piece of information related to the trial. So if it is for the public, all that is captured by the camera should be kept intact for the public to see in order for them to fully understand just how the law really works Now since the cameras are being allowed in the courtrooms due to the First Amendment which gives everyone the right to free speech, there are many

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