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Media Role Research Paper
October 13, 2014
Rosamar Mallari
Professor: Deanna Shelby
SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
Moraine Valley Community College – Blue Island Learning Center

Media Role Research Paper The inequality between men and women is not limited to past civilizations or to certain cultures; however, is constantly present in modern society. Moreover, the biological components with which individuals are born will not only work as their master status within society, but it will also dictated the socially acceptable behavior for the individuals within that civilization (Helsin, 2009, p. 294). Additionally, in modern society the media can also reinforce the gender stratification barrier or break it. Therefore, to have a
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Nevertheless, this is not limited to this television show, because the lineup of television networks like ESPN provides more coverage for men sports than women sports (ESPN, 2014); therefore, reinforcing the idea that men sports in general are of most interest for the general population. Nonetheless, modern women are cracking the “Glass Ceiling”, not only in the sport area but in the business and political environment as well. However, only women “Willing to give up sleep and recreation for the sake of career advancement” (Helsin, 2009, p. 319) are expected to break through the glass ceiling. Additionally, a character in this episode suggest that women want to become men, therefore, reinforcing the idea that in order to have a successful career women should adopt characteristics assign to men, and distant themselves from the female features. Moreover, this episode also mentioned gender stereotypes like female preference for pink. Though, assigning color preference for a specific gender is mostly see in the American and Western European Cultures (Frassanito & Pettorini, 2008). For example, in countries like the United States and Canada pink is usually associated with feminity and homosexuality, while green and blue are associated with masculinity (Bortoli &

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