Media Influence On The Media Essay

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As a nation, our citizens are learning less from newspaper articles and radio programs and more from television and the internet. Media influence has become more prominent in our nation in the last ten years than ever before. The media has sufficiently made an impact on the increasingly liberal views in our country even when news sources have been accused of leaning to the left or right of the political spectrum when reporting the news; FOX News and MSNBC are infamous for showing conservative and liberal bias in their newscasts. Since the shooting of Michael Brown this August, news sources have been fundamental in showcasing white privilege and racial injustice in relation to police officers and the communities they serve. The shooting of Michael Brown has sparked media interest throughout the country and has caused both positive and negative outcomes on Americans’ influence on news and politics.
Michael Brown, an eighteen year old man, was fatally shot by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014. According to witness testimony, the officer approached Brown on the street who proceeded to punch the officer several times in his patrol car before walking away. After Officer Wilson got out of his police vehicle he shot at Michael Brown at least once, Brown then turned around and allegedly charged the officer. The officer shot Brown at least five more times until the victim was dead (McLaughlin). The accounts of the shooting seem to be a case of he said,…

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